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Custom CNC machined hollow 1:1 Anakin AOTC hilt with custom chassis.  Machined from aluminum and chrome plated, can be fully disassembled.  This was purchased from an ebay seller who was selling a bunch of these a while back.  This is nearly identical to the Watto's Junkyard version I was told, and after receiving and seeing it in person, that definitely appears to be true.  Emitter accepts a 1" blade.  Hilt is about 10" long and 1.3" wide along the tube.    In addition to the custom chassis that's made specifically for this hilt (purchased from another ebay seller who was working with the guy selling these hilts), sale includes a copper heatsink, a second vented pommel/endcap, and the parts for the control box and bubble strip.  Saber comes 90% assembled as shown.

$275.00 shipped

89 Sabers Neo Pixel Weathered Edition Cal Kestis Jedi Fallen Order lightsaber with Proffie 2.2 

28mm KR Sabers bass speaker
Keeppower 3120 15a high drain battery
2.1 mm recharge port with kill key
2 button set up, power and aux.

Includes blade plug, a charger and allen wrenches.  Does not include a neo pixel blade.  The hilt takes a standard 1" blade.

$700.00 shipped

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