Author Topic: Vector Re-Release 2016, Covertec, Additional Hilts and Custom Hilt Questions  (Read 3101 times)

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Dear Genesis Custom Sabers,

Love the clean look of your Vector and was really impressed with the YT video on how to use it, I do have a couple of questions:

1. Is the re-release/new batch going to be offered sometime around end October 2016?
2. Can the Covertec (which cleverly doubles as the hilt holder) be installed on either side of the saber as a request? Ok watched the video again appears to have holes on each side to make it either a right or left handed saber... Fabulous.
3. You mention the core can be swapped into other Vector hilts, can additional empty hilts be ordered at the sametime and do you have a cost for a non powder coated additional hilt?
4. Would you entertain different powder coating colour and pattern options? Sorry guess this one is answered on your site in Yellow!
5. Would you be able to price on request additional empty hilts customised shapewise (appreciate it would need to be same form factor of course)?
6. Is the blade retention screw hole suitable for 8/32" thumb screws in place of the hex head?
7. Is the Covertec a 8-32 Covertec Button Thumbscrew?
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Hi all,

I did get an email back from Rob about these fabulous looking sabers:

"still plan to list Vector sabers back in stock for a short time at the end of the month.

I do not sell empties

Yes - the blade screw hole is 8-32

The Covertec is an 8-32 hole. The TCSS machined buttons will work, but you must cut off the threads so they are no more than 1/4" long, otherwise they can puncture the battery

Custom powdercoating/custom orders will not be available until perhaps the end of November"

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I wanted to comment on this thread, as I have admired the saber world for years, and am now a 47 year old kid, having purchased a few (what I would consider entry level) sabers over the last two years, and not naming any names am fairly happy with the product and its durability (learning and training as time permits). I have wanted sabers by Genesis for a long time now and have always been late to the game...this time I made it and was able to order one of these beautiful so excited that I even asked my wife to let me have an xmas present of his next release at the end of the year...I have some work to do on that convincing but pretty sure I will be able to if all goes well. One question though...would I be able to get a CF v8 and driver at one point down the line in these or others from Genesis.