Author Topic: (Very delayed) Review for a Dark Side Anodised Ascend  (Read 1895 times)

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(Very delayed) Review for a Dark Side Anodised Ascend
« on: July 14, 2016, 05:29:10 PM »
The seemingly instant sellout for the May run of sabers shows the demand for Madcow’s work, and as someone who was lucky enough to get what was quite possibly the last one of his ascends from the 4th of May, I can now tell you that the the demand is justified.

I am a newcomer to the hobby, having only recently discovered that there was a lightsaber community on the internet, and that sabers of a duelling quality were even possible. So after an initially disappointing purchase from a major saber retailer, I decided to ‘go-hard or go-home’ and purchased a saber from Madcow at Genesis Custom Sabers.

Of the designs that GCS offers, I settled on the Ascend saber, owing to its Original Trilogy styling and the potential for customisation. I opted for the saber to come with the Dark Side anodising (having more black that silver) and, perhaps bizarrely to forego the FREE option to have an RGB color changing blade, and went straight for the BBW, which, as the website states, allows for a brighter blade. (although I am new to the hobby, I like the idea of a saber having a certain character to it, and a saber which at the press of a button switches through not just fonts, but colours, does not have that much appeal).

When the saber was ordered, I immediately received an automated email confirming a 2-6 week build time, and thanks to CanadaPost’s very speedy delivery, and madcows only marginally slower building speed, I had the saber in hand before the end of week 5. The saber was packaged very well, packed tightly amongst polystyrene ‘packing peanuts’ as well as being wrapped in a plastic sleeve for extra protection. As advertised, the saber worked out of the box with a fully charged battery, which had been isolated with a small length of ribbon to prevent accidental activation during transit.

The saber is very well machined, very sturdy and clearly very well thought out in terms of aesthetics and functionality and is finished to a very high standard.  The wiring has to be seen to be believed, and having ‘had-a-go’ at installing a Nano Biscotte 3 (NB3) in a saber recently, I can appreciate, even as a novice the skill and forethought that must have gone into making so much wiring fit into such a neat little package.

Madcow’s communication via his email and Facebook page was prompt, and all of my questions regarding customisation, fonts and the general operation of the saber were answered with good humour, despite the answers certainly being available elsewhere, and this, along with the excellent quality of the product itself have guaranteed my repeat custom and set Genesis Custom Sabers apart from their competitors.