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ebay listing link:
FX-SABERS Graflex 3 Cell Lightsaber & Display - The Force Awakens - | eBay

FX-SABERS presents:
THE Graflex-VII Vintage
The FX-SABERS Graflex Chassis Stainless Steel Special Edition #003

Features and Specifications:
- Vintage Graflex 3cell Flash- Detailed Aluminum Blade Socket -
- Molded Rubber Grips - 13 trace circuit board (slothfurnace) - Kobold D-Ring -
- Top Red Button Auxiliary Effects - Slide tab On-Off Activation -
- View-Thru Glass eye bladescrew - Tri-Cree BBW LED & Lens -
- Plecter Labs CF V8 Sound & LED Driver System -

Interior Features:
- FX-SABERS Updated 2017 Graflex Chassis with Stainless Steel, extended detailing
and Multiple LED illuminated Crystal Chamber -
- Drilled top and Mounted bottom Synthetic Aqua Aura Color Crystals with Blue and White LEDs -
- SD Card and R.I.C.E. Cable access -
Lighting effects Powered by the Plecter Labs LED driver System.

System comes Complete with:
- LED Converted hilt with Plecter Labs Sound and Lighting Effects -
- USB RICE Cable - Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries & Charger -
- Graflex Emitter Plug , Shadow Box Display Case & Plaque -
- Corbin Film 35 inch Blade - Instruction manual -

BOUNS Features and Items:
- Graflex V Red Button Bladescrew - Reversible Clamp Card and Display Plaque -

Please Note: the high shipping cost is due to the System
must be shipped in 2 boxes and requires insurance.
(Some international destinations have restrictions on insurance and can
not be fully insured through USPS if you wish to use another carrier
please contact for a shipping quote prior to the auction ending)

Good Luck in the Auctions and
May the Force be with you always…

For more info on my Graflex conversions please see
fx-sabers and the youtube video seen here
Building the ultimate Star Wars lightsaber - YouTube

Trademark 2006-2017 FX-SABERS™ /
Products, Logos and Images listed here are the design and or property of FX-SABERS /
Not associated with DISNEY or LUCASFILM LTD.™ or any Disney - LFL Ltd.™ Film or Franchise. All brands and trademarks listed are the exclusive property of their respective owners.
Products listed are intended for Entertainment. FX-SABERS / accepts no liability for the misuse or abuse of it’s products.
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seems to be an issue with the forum not pulling in images trying to resolve that :wink:

Fixed and solution revealed by Lord Vader (thank you) :cool:
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Phew, that escalated quickly!  Congrats on the sale Yoda!