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Updating, deleting, and adding items as they sell or I get new things listed.   I am taking care of my elderly parents so I am getting details and pics posted as I can.

If there is anything listed you are interested in that I don't have price or pics of please let me know and I will get that info to you.

Masters Replicas Clonetrooper 3 helmet

Mint and complete with everything except brown shipper.  I do have the black decorative box.  The plaque was mounted slightly crooked which I will fix and post a pic

$600 plus shipping

Anovos TFA Stormtrooper deluxe fiberglass version with custom TFA plaque and paper towel holder stand.

$600 plus shipping

Master Replicas PCR ANH Stormtrooper helmet with custom plaque and paper towel helmet stand.

$350 plus shipping

Denuo Novo Emperor's Royal Guard deluxe fiberglass, fully padded helmet.

$800 plus shipping.

Tom Leech 2nd Run Force Pike with flashlight holding wall mounts.

$400 plus shipping

EFX Biker Scout helmet.  Complete and mint except for damaged COA.

The COA was unfortunately right under a shelf I was screwing into so the COA has two screw holes in it.  I tried to get a replacement but had no luck so if COA is important you won't want this one.  I have seen these go for more so I think the price reflects the damaged COA.

 I will include as a bonus a nice rubber Biker Scout Blaster.  I believe a Hyperfirm, but not sure.

$800 plus shipping

Anovos AT AT Helmet.  Mint.

 $900 plus shipping

1/1 Bobamaker Boba Fett.  ROTJ Version.  XL flight suit.

I bought this about 8 months ago so it's all his latest versions.  I bought everything he offers for Boba Fett except the Blaster.

No Blaster.

Wookie Scalps are from Etsy.  Rope belt and extra shin tools are from Man of War Studios.  Boots from Ebay.  I snagged a genuine chemical stirrer from Ebay as well.  I wanted to have extra, and various shin tools as the ESB and ROTJ versions have differences.

$3,600 plus shipping

Falcon.  Limited Edition.


Excellent Paint Job.  Lights work.  Complete COA.  Both plaques but one has the Misspelled Cannon on it.  There is the corrected version on Ebay which I will snag so that will be included.  Acrylic Cover with UV protective film.

One 5" scratch on one side of acrylic case.  If you are going to display it against a wall you will never see it, but if you are lucky enough to be able to display it full walk around you will see the scratch.  This acrylic over was $700 and is being included in this very good price.

6k Free Delivery in person within 3 hours of Sacramento, CA.

1/1 Sideshow Salacious Crumb.  Life size.  Mint and complete, except the small metal bar that holds him on his seat is not original.  It was lost by the pervious owner.

$2,700 plus shipping.

Quasi ESB Deluxe helmet.  Truly amazing and best ESB Vader lid IMO.

$900 plus shipping

Moncal ANH Tie Pilot helmet with Armor, This was built by Mon Cal himself with perfect weathering and hand brush strokes to match the original Trilogy helmets.  Short of owning an original prop I don't think you can get closer.  Most of my stuff is not weathered as weathering is so hard to get right, not to mentioned hand painting.  I can get better and close up pics of the details.  Chest box lights up as well.  The thing is the exact same huge size as the originals and was built the same way.


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EFX Episode 2 Clone Helmet SOLD

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