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"Diamond Dragons" - a feature-length screenplay...
« on: May 16, 2020, 09:46:58 PM »
Hi all...

It's (semi-)unrelated to sabers and SW, but...

I've been developing a project over the years called "Diamond Dragons"--a feature-length, fantasy-adventure hero's journey where dragons are the primary characters (and no humans are involved, actually).  It is comparable to SW, LOTR, The Matrix, Harry Potter, and those sorts of hero's journeys...

More importantly, I've also begun the process of doing online "screenplay read-throughs".  :)

My primary goal is to inspire as many people out there as I can with this wonderful story, robust & vibrant characters... and to teach important lessons that we all *really* need right now.  About what is most important in life.

If it sounds interesting to you, give it a peek!  And keep in mind, I/we don't "want" anything from you--the read-throughs are totally FREE!  Granted... we'll need your support and help by subscribing to the channel, telling friends, sharing the video links and more... in order to get the (eventual) backing we'll need to make it into an actual film.

INTRO - Diamond Dragons (Intro Teaser) - YouTube
READ 01 - Diamond Dragons SRT #01 - Screenplay Read-Through 01 - YouTube
READ 02 - Diamond Dragons SRT #02 - Screenplay Read-Through 02 - YouTube
READ 03 - Diamond Dragons SRT #03 - Screenplay Read-Through 03 - YouTube
READ 04 - Coming Soon!

Chi-Yong and Eyayeli!  (Thank you, and Spiritual Tidings!)

--Matthew Carauddo, creator, writer, developer, actor

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