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Spark Color 2â„¢ came along too!
« on: February 18, 2015, 08:20:41 PM »

    A slender midrange board with complete color-mixing

    Look! A little friend came along with Igniter 2â„¢ as well - Spark Color 2â„¢.

    Spark Color 2â„¢ is based off the same amazing new hardware platform as Igniter 2â„¢. The following changes have been made:
    • Integrated MaxAmp(TM) - now the loud and clear 2.4w amp is available without a separate board
    • 6 degrees of freedom - the board is equipped with a 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer. Say bye-bye to the off-board clash sensor, and hello to better motion.
    • Spring-loaded push-push type micro SD card locks card into place, no more tugging on card to remove it.
    • Easy-soldering pads for main features, medium pads for more advanced features (still on edge of board). No more soldering mid board or to random components.
    • Even smaller size: 2.07" (L) x 0.85" (W) x 0.23" (H) with TruDriveâ„¢ attached, 1.75" (L) with TruDriveâ„¢ removed.

    For those that didn't watch the Igniter 2â„¢ release videos, check out the first video on the hardware to familiarize yourself with the new platform:

    Motion Enhancements
    Also like the Igniter 2â„¢, Spark Color 2â„¢ has the same new robust motion detection that accurately detects both swings and impact, SaberSenseâ„¢. A big step up from previous versions, this motion detection is able to track very fine movements while still eliminating false positives, allowing for a great experience.

    Again for those that didn't catch the second video on motion from the Igniter 2â„¢ release, check it out here:

    Firmware Updates

    In addition to the new platform, Spark Color 2â„¢ was given some firmware updates to round out the experience. These are:
    • Saber Tracks track files are now stored on the root, not in the font6 directory. This is not only less confusing, but frees up the sixth (6th) font to be used as a normal font...
    • Per the above, 6 actual sound fonts are now support along with Saber Tracks.
    • Low Power mode (similar to Igniter 2â„¢) allows the accents and motion to shutoff after a configurable amount of seconds, allowing to save power when at a con and the saber is hanging off a belt.
    • Color Set (colorset) global colors are now stored per-font, so that each font maintains its own current color (switching color in font1 does not affect the color of font 2 for instance). Further, the starting colorset for each font can be set, allowing customization per font of the 9 global colorsets.
    • Saber Configuration is a new mode that allows editing colorset colors and motion parameters on the fly in real time, without having to swap out the card or even be hooked to a computer.

    What about Spark 2â„¢
    Spark 2â„¢ is still under works and will be revealed at a later time (he didn't come along too, LOL). In the mean time, I'll be selling off all my old stock of the previous design as Sparks at a discounted rated. Check for that announcement soon once I get stock all setup on the site.

    Thanks for looking, Godspeed and MTFBWY!

    PS if someone could remove this random end list that keeps popping up, that would be great[/list]
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