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Wanted / WTB high end sabers!
« Last post by MasterAddison on Today at 03:33:04 PM »
Hey all,

Looking to buy a high end VV, GCS, or equivalent one off custom saber. Either PM me,  post below or both. Looking forward to seeing what you all have!

Wanted / WTB: KR Sabers Apprentice
« Last post by darklordkasim on Today at 12:33:18 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I’m after a KR Sabers apprentice Hilt, can be empty or installed. I missed out on the run when it was first released and always hoped that a second one would be done but it never was.

If anyone can help me out that would be great.


Forum Gallery / Re: One of 3
« Last post by AxeKando on Today at 12:01:49 PM »

Here’s a more detailed pic of the Rey lightsaber. The weathering that came originally was painted. I redid it with proper wear and tear weathering. I did it with a combination of jeweler’s files and sandpaper. I also painted all the fake screws flat black to make them pop out and look more realistic. The original wrap was so cheap. The threads kept falling off, and it would twist on the hilt. I got the idea of using medical adhesive cloth tape that I frayed the edges and aged it with tea and mud. The brown wrap is flannel linen that I tore into a strip and secured it with double sided tape.

I covered up the annoying copyright  and other text that stuck out like a sore thumb. I found a Tamiya paint that matched the dark grey of the original color. Came out better than I expected. This is by far my favorite lightsaber. I live the feel and the ignition is just amazing.
Forum Gallery / Re: One of 3
« Last post by AxeKando on Today at 11:50:20 AM »

Thanks! Here’s some more details of the paint I did to the emitter. It was all chrome, so I decided to add some details.
Forum Gallery / Re: One of 3
« Last post by jbkuma on Today at 06:47:38 AM »
The image link works for me.  Nice work.
Forum Gallery / Re: One of 3
« Last post by AxeKando on Today at 04:46:52 AM »
For some reason the image link doesn’t work. :(
Forum Gallery / One of 3
« Last post by AxeKando on Today at 04:41:34 AM »

This is my humble collection. Top to bottom: Hasbro Force FX Elite Rey, Savi’s Workshop build, cheap training/dueling Amazon buy.

The Rey lightsaber I have “touched it up” quite a bit. Lots of small improvements in the weathering and details. Redid the cheap wrap with frayed medical tape and brown flannel linen with double sided tape. I also swapped the clear blade outer for a much better and properly sized white one.

Savi’s Workshop build has been heavily modified to make it truly my own. Started off as a Power & Command that had no intentions to follow the dark side. Got rid of the red trim and replaced it with green. Added some gold and orange accents to break up the boring grey. The orange accents are because I run an orange kyber crystal and neopixel blade.

The cheap training/dueling saber is an $80 Amazon buy. It’s just a flashlight saber but I have to say the swing sensors are actually better than my other two much more expensive sabers. I added a leather wrap and grip tape for a much better feel. Since it’s LGT compatible, I added a different pommel.
Questions/Comments / Re: First build
« Last post by K-2SO on Today at 12:59:03 AM »
mAh is basically a measurement of how long the battery (or battery pack) in question should last.
Wanted / Re: WTB: Anakin AOTC Saber (ANY)
« Last post by anakin2000 on Yesterday at 08:16:16 PM »
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