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Z6 Enhanced Optic!
« on: April 26, 2015, 07:41:45 PM »
Z6 Enhanced Optic!

I'm pleased to announce the new Enhanced optic that I've sourced for the Z6. After going to ECCC I noticed that some of the colors didn't look as bright as they should, and started playing around with it. It turns out that both of the standard optics being used were sub-par for the Z6, mainly due to spreading light too far to the outside such that there was too much flare. This was especially noticeable for the blue/green color mixes, as those die are on the outside.

A picture of the optics; from left to right 5deg TCSS, another 5deg, 8.7deg TCSS, Z6 Enhanced w/diffusion.

I looked at having a custom optic made, but the expense would have been considerable. Hence, I just bought up every possible optic imaginable from Mouser, DigiKey, and Ebay. The result is that I found an optic that is about as best as it can be for the Z6. It works the best with the 1" blade (brightest I've seen for a color-mixer) but actually works about as good with the 7/8" as well, especially once the special dual-diffusion technique is used. I'll go over that later with a second video and post.

This optic will now ship with every order of a Z6 LED. I'll be increasing the price by $2.00 to compensate, but honestly that's a steal as you couldn't order one for that price along, let alone pay shipping. This is a win-win all around.

Below I've posted a comparison video that goes over different optics that we used to use, and then stacks up the new Z6 Enhanced optic. I've also posted some comparison pics between the new and old optic, but honestly the pictures don't really tell the story well, so if you have time definitely check out the video.

Z6 Enhanced Optic Part 1

Comparison pics (top of group is 5deg, bottom is enhanced

Green color. You can notice that this is one of the better performing colors of the old optic though there is more darkening near the top of the blade. Note that I do use a tiny bit of red mixed in with this green color.

Orange is much more noticeable to have issues; notice that in the old optic the color changes to a darker red near the tip. Even the 8.7deg optic does this though not to as bad of an extent.

Purple also shows darkening for the previous optic near the tip, but is more even with the enhanced optic.

The Blue-Green Cyan/Sky Blue mix definitely looks better with the new optic; the 5deg makes a lot of darkening at the top; the 8.7deg (not pictured) makes a huge base flare and wastes light to the sides. The new Enhanced optic keeps the blade even and bright.

Thanks for looking, Godspeed and MTFBWY!

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Re: Z6 Enhanced Optic!
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2015, 06:58:04 AM »
cool find, thanks naigon

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Re: Z6 Enhanced Optic!
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2015, 07:38:38 AM »
I already have a couple of z6's... how much will it cost to get a couple of the new optics?