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Wait, I'm confused.

According to this post back in March:
Huge update:

So these are back from the anodizer.  MH will be sending the hilts out to the installers next week.
I was under the assumption that the hilts were already sent out to the installers sometime back in April.

However, with the most recent update post:
I am not certain if anyone knows about the global component shortage?  Unfortunately I am now waiting on boards.
I have ALL other components in my hands and ready to send to installers as soon as MH sends the hilts and the boards.  Of course, no need for him to ship anything until we have the freaking boards.
Was this a known problem back in March/April 2021?
The lack of consistent + timely communication, and  walking back of info is somewhat concerning  :cry:

Sounds familiar.

Bought house.

Two kids.

One car loan paid

All in the same time.
Hey there saber friends,

Take a listen to the new sound fonts coming on FX-Sabers Graflex pixel lightsabers with the Plecter Labs CF-X. Also in the video: New Civilized Sabers Enhanced Blue pixel blade for Pfockerchief's build built with Civilized Sabers Pixel Plug at the base to get the light started right from the base of the blade (for shine-through Graflex openings).

i have asked many times to take mine as is and have it finished elsewhere, and as there is no money to be made on this run now and any money left to pay is for the install and components etc so i dont see why its not an option tbh, it would speed things up for people and take some of the load/preassure off the installers etc, it makes perfect sense imo

its crazy to think this run is 6 and a half yrs running now and in that time iv had 2 childeren purchased a house and built an extention and paid off 2 car loans lol,
i would also have walked away long ago if i wasnt in it for so much $$
Custom CNC machined hollow 1:1 Anakin AOTC hilt with custom chassis.  Machined from aluminum and chrome plated, can be fully disassembled.  This was purchased from an ebay seller who was selling a bunch of these a while back.  This is nearly identical to the Watto's Junkyard version I was told, and after receiving and seeing it in person, that definitely appears to be true.  Emitter accepts a 1" blade.  Hilt is about 10" long and 1.3" wide along the tube.    In addition to the custom chassis that's made specifically for this hilt (purchased from another ebay seller who was working with the guy selling these hilts), sale includes a copper heatsink, a second vented pommel/endcap, and the parts for the control box and bubble strip.  Saber comes 90% assembled as shown.

$300.00 shipped

89 Sabers Neo Pixel Weathered Edition Cal Kestis Jedi Fallen Order lightsaber with Proffie 2.2 

28mm KR Sabers bass speaker
Keeppower 3120 15a high drain battery
2.1 mm recharge port with kill key
2 button set up, power and aux.

Includes blade plug, a charger and allen wrenches.  Does not include a neo pixel blade.  The hilt takes a standard 1" blade.

$725.00 shipped

Welcome aboard!

I think FX-SaberOS is a great way to get started, especially if you are interested in learning about programming microprocessors.  It was designed to be a low cost, highly customizable system.
Thanks for the offer for help. I am very sure that I will hit you up on that. Funny thing is that as I have been perusing the forums I have run across several of your posts already and you have literally asked all of the same questions I have right now. So you have already helped me more than you even realize. Everything I am reading here so far has really solidified my decision to start looking here, this is a great community.
Hello there! Welcome to your new unexplained spending problem!  :wink:

Always nice to see someone try their hand at the full scratch build, including the controller. If you need a hand with FX-SaberOS, there's a couple of us who are well versed in it who can help you out. I'm sure they'll pop in and say hi.
Hello all.  I just started down the path of building my own saber. I decided to go the inexpensive route and build the hilt from PVC pipe with additional 3D printed parts attached to it. I didnt really want a replica and wanted to build something that was uniquely mine.

Now of course instead of doing the smart thing and purchasing a board and some other parts I decided to take the painful route of going with an Arduino Nano and building everything myself from scratch. So I am sure all you experts will be hearing from me lots over the next few weeks. Like I said I plan to use an Arduino Nano and build it off of the FX-SaberOS, MPU6050, DF-Player, and DIY 144LED neopixel blades. I just really like the idea of a complete home built piece of kit. Any advice anyone wants to offer is very welcome.

I plan to scour these forums before really digging in so as not to be a burden to any of you ... but I do look forward to becoming a part of this community.
Can we get a lesser board and LED configuration installed? I'm happy with anything at this point. I appreciate you doing all you can to get this done. But it's been so long in waiting I'm ready to call it. If I wasn't in for the $$ I am already I'd have walked by now.
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