Author Topic: I received my Maul and this one is a winner.  (Read 3352 times)

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I received my Maul and this one is a winner.
« on: October 04, 2007, 08:05:46 AM »
I've got my full Maul finally.
I've waited for a few months now, because I ordered the Luke ANH and a Vader ANH for my friend, along with it and I wanted to save me some shipmentcosts.
The Luke ANH, WHAT A BUMMER, I sell it right away and buy myself a Obi-Wan instead, wich is fully metal, but the Maul,... I cannot believe that I've waited for my Maul because of this peace of XXXXXX

The Maul, WOWWWW, this is a real metal beast.
Really, it feels sooooo massive in my hands.
I have verry big hands, but still, I want my sabers to be small but still heavy, like how they would be made for the movie without them having to think about the electronics needed to fit in.
Well when you see this beauty, you really cannot believe that this one can actually light-up the blades and give you sound.
It feels so massive, and it's verry small in your hands like a real replica.
For the first time I'm thinking of letting it to be converted into a Luxeon, so I can show it without the blades.
People are really going to think, this is the real one.

I cannot say that this is a saber without flaws.
Because it also drains batteries.
I've  putted 6 new Duracell Power Pix in it, and that cost me €12,--, Yes here in Holland you pay €7,99 for 4 batteries.
It was late, so I played with it for maybe 20 minutes.
A day later in the afternoon I showed this beauty to a friend of mine.
By watching the saber we saw one blade dying.
I thought my saber was defect but than the other one was dying too.
So it has to be the batteries.
This is actually a serious money problem.
It's like going to an attraction park.
You can play with a Darth Maul saber but it will cost you €12,-- for a half hour.
And it's really tempting too.
I don't know if this saber is worth the Power Pix, because on my Yoda, this batteries makes that blade look explosive, but on this Maully-Beauty,... (sorry, I really like the hilt so much) the blades still looks dimmer than my Vader ANH.

I also see the LEDs verry clear, yes it's a striped-blade.
At first I was a little shocked because I thought I had a lot of broken LEDs', but it's just VERRY blotchy
Another reason to let it be converted to a Luxeon.
I only hope that when it's be converted, that they can also fix the battery problem.
When the blades died, I shut down the saber by turning the On/Off switch to Off, but the sound was still going on, verry soft do, so I believe that aldo you shut down this saber, it's actually still using battery-power.

Another minus thing, but that got more to do with MR,... I received this saber with a missing rubber O-ring on one hilt.
I want that ring but I don't want to send my saber back for a replacement.
The rest of the saber is good.
I've looked for such a ring but cannot find it.
I found one, but it is to thick and it needs to be a size bigger.
I dont know iff I should ask MR replica for it yet.
I will explain myself;

MR has made new rules, and that is smart because of the new Luke ANH. ( Many people want to send it back for amoney return, altough I don't think they will do that. But iff  they did, than I would like to send my Luke ANH back for an exchange with an Obi-Wan ROTS)
When you buy a saber by another company but MR, than you can't deal with MR directly when you have problems.
Before, I had a Vader ESB, a Yoda and a Vader ANH that needed to be replaced.
I've  send it back to them on their Fedex-account, so I didn't have to pay for the shipment again, because this sabers had to be perfect in the first place. This was never a problem.
Now they have this new rule.
So what can I do.
1.-  I can buy a new Maul Battle damaged saber by MR, than put the uncomplete one in tha box and ask for a replacement.
After getting that one, I can sell the replacement on the internet.
2.-  I can ask MR for only a rubber O-ring and tell them, that I don't want to send my saber back for a replacement (which I have to send to The Saber Vault and JD to MR and back again), but when they haven't got an rubber O-ring to send to me, than I need plan 1, but I think this won't work anymore because, than they already know of it.

So, Iff there is someone here, who knows the answer, wins a Millenium Falkon  Signature Edition
(after I'm a Millionair and payed for the Star Wars License first and have some money left)
But if you know where to get a rubber O-ring that fits, I'm happy too.
Iff you have one for me, than I'm gladly to pay for it and the sending, and your my HERO.
And I will make you famous by everyone.

Okay I've said enough, this review is getting way-to-big now

Greetings from:
Darth Matth.
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Re: I received my Maul and this one is a winner.
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2007, 08:35:48 AM »
Suggestion for batteries: Duracell Ultras, or a set of rechargeables!

For the O-ring, I have noticed that some Mauls Have all of them, and some don't. It may have been a production error, or a change in design. I've noticed it's more common on the single hilts.

Have you tried Buying an O-ring kit from an Automotive store? They have them in many different sizes, and may have some that fit properly.