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New Sound Fonts by Novastar... (Hello again :)
« on: September 12, 2017, 02:27:56 PM »
Hi all...

So, in the last few months, I've had more time off work (basically low on work/jobs/events now that I've moved to the L.A. area) which has allowed me to focus on doing more sound fonts...

Here are a few of the recent ones, although the full playlist of my work is here:

The list above shows my ~75+ fonts in alphabetical order.


Below are a few of my more recent fonts, however.  Enjoy, and MTFBWY...

SW Episode VI Re-Mastered:
Episode VI - Sound fonts by NOVASTAR ( - YouTube

Castlevania: SotN (Prologue Version):
Castlevania Symphony of The Night (Prologue version) - SOUND FONTS by Novastar -

Castlevania: SotN (Dracula's Castle version):
Castlevania Symphony of The Night (Dracula's Castle version) - SOUND FONTS

Dragon's Lair (Don Bluth laserdisc game from the 80's):
Dragon's Lair Slayer Saber - SOUND FONTS by Novastar - YouTube

DragonLight (in the spirit of "if you WERE a dragon")
Dragon Light - SOUND FONTS by Novastar (video/sound fixed) - YouTube

IRON MAN style sound font:

KNIGHT Saber (Knight Rider TV show style):

VOLTRON Saber Sound Font:

Gundam Fighter:

Zelda: Legends (NES original style Zelda font):

Solo Killer (I absolutely LOVE the work I did on this one):

Starblazers / Yamato:

Jabba The Slugg (mostly for fun, but it's probably great for Halloween time!):

LDMechnotronic (designed for LDM / Marc DiCarlo himself):

Thunder Storm (purely about thunder & rain, otherwise "Rain Sizzle" and "Saber Storm" are for you):


For some reason, my "Iron Man" font has already gotten a lot of negative "thumbs downs" on Y-tube.  No idea why.  It's pretty clear that as soon as I launched the video, IMMEDIATE dislikes appeared on my videos (that one in particular), so... I can only chalk it up to people who must "default hate/dislike" me for whatever convoluted reasoning.  :)  Again--no idea why.  I've done nothing but produce good (sometimes excellent) work for and with the SW community over the past 10+ years.

To be honest, I personally REALLY like the Iron Man and Castlevania fonts--they sound and FEEL... FANTASTIC.  Zelda Legends was very awesome to showcase in person "as Link", recently at Sac Anime'.  And OMG... doing the Dragon's Lair and Starblazers fonts (using some vocal work from my wonderful gal, Xandra) was bloody fantastic as well!

That all said... this all takes MONTHS and MONTHS of work, and... I suppose sometimes the level of appreciation for it just isn't there.  It is what it is.  For those who HAVE appreciated me over the decade+ that I've been around... my thanks to you!!!

Cheers, and MTFBWY.


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