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A batch of reviews
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:46:02 PM »
So it has been a while since I posted,so I thought I would do one post to catch up on some reviews I have done recently

Saber reviews

This is a review of the Hitoren V4 saber from Wonderforce. This same saber is alternately marketed as the Fury by YDD sabers, the Spartan V1 by Spartan Sabers, the metal series V2 from Hypersabers, and under a lot of other names around the internet. This is the V4 model with a base lit LED (as opposed to a string blade), 16 colors, and 3 sound fonts. Also included in this video is a look at the 4 emitter and 2 pommel accessories offered with it, the blade, the coupler, the saber carrying bag, and the Legendary Saber Sheath. I look at design, features, construction and usability.

Accessories reviews

A look at the Kyberlight board v2 upgrade. I focus on the sound issues and the flash on clash issues from my review of the V1 and look at the new mute feature.

A review of the quick release staff coupler from Ultrasabers and some brief tips on use.

A review of two stock acrylic lightsaber blades from Ripper Blades: the Ninja in tier 2 and the Spartan V2 in tier 3. Also some discussion of ripper blades in general and a description of tier level. Special attention is given to durability and comparative price point.

First of a couple reviews on Ripper dueling blades. This video is an intro on their poly-carbonates and a review of a clear and a day blade version of their original duel worthy unstable blade. I also talk about the two options for side blades or quillions (poly and acrylic) that they package with them. Next review I get a chance to do will look at the pearl version of this blade. 

A review of the Unstable Pearl Dueling blades from Ripper Blades. I look at the difference between this product and the regular unstable dueling blades and talk about the effect it has on color and diffusion. In this video are the thin-walled Blue, the thin-walled red, a thick-walled red, the thin-walled black, and a thick walled clear I modified. A demo of the latter can be found here YouTube
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Re: A batch of reviews
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 01:31:55 AM »
Nice reviews.