Author Topic: Need a dueling crew to put on a event at a Drive in movie Theatre in Ft. Worth  (Read 1794 times)

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Looking for a dueling crew to put on a show during opening weekend of episode 7 at Coyote Drive Inn in fort worth. Might be able to work out a special early screening deal, free tickets, or other rewards if I can get a decent amount of saber enthusiasts to show up. I will get more information out if I get responses from duelists. Even if your just owners of fx sabers and I can get a decent amount of people to be willing to come entertain guests before the movies begin I can work out special deals on tickets, reserved spots, and like I said maybe a early screening! Starting this now so it can be planned and ready when The Force Returns!!! We might show all the movies in order up to opening night, so this could be a good opportunity to have a awesome week of Saber Action leading up to opening night!