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Sithslayer 1 review of the MR Luke ESB FX
« on: August 14, 2009, 07:29:24 AM »
I recently aquired a MR Luke ESB fx from one of our fellow forum members. There have been many in depth reviews of this hilt, so I will keep it brief:

Detail- Very nice detailing, the activation switch box card is a nice change from the ANH bubble strip. Each T Grip has a small allen screw holding it in place, adds a more rugged look. Although this hilt is fatter in circumference, the T Grips are flusher to the hilt, so I find the grip comfortable.
The finish is a shinier, chrome look. I actually prefer my Hasbro Luke ANH duller aluminum finish. The other details, such as the graflex recharge port pins and glass eyes are nicely done, and a flatter gold color than Hasbro's Luke ANH. I also like the window between the rabbit ears so the blade shines through. The sliding on/off switch is also not an issue for me, although I wish they had made the activation box remain as the on/off, like the Luke ANH. My saber's switch is also loose, so I'm not sure if it's a common defect or not. The led color is a decent medium shade of blue, with several leds out, so I have some black spots. Not an issue since this saber will be converted to a Seoul P4 Blue in the near future!

Size- Yes, it is oversized, think a Luke ANH on steroids! Because of the 6 AA battery setup, the hilt is fatter and heavier, but the weight actually adds to the realism for me. It's also somewhat longer, but again, not an issue for me.

Sound- The only dissapointment here. As mentioned in almost every Luke ESB review, the sound quality is low, muffled. The activation/power down sounds are not bad, just too low. The swing sensor is'nt good, it does not change pitch when you swing the saber around , as my other MR and Hasbro sabers do.

Overall, I wanted this saber to complete my collection. The Luke ESB has nice detailing, and because they are a little harder to find, they are a challange to get one at a reasonable price and in good condition. I actually prefer my Hasbro Luke ANH overall, however I am glad to add this Luke to my collection.



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