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My vader review!
« on: May 02, 2008, 01:57:46 PM »
following on from the review Ive just dont for my yoda ffx saber - ive also just got this vader saber for a very reasonable £40 (supposed to be 50% off rrp).

i first had the luke anh saber which I loved - though I didnt like the lightness of the hilt. the luke was much easier to swing and spin than this vader one - but to me , this vader saber is a lovely heavy hilt. it 'feels' like its made of something substantial... like its an expensive weapon, rather than a thin tin tube toy...

I love the vader saber - its very shiney and chrome too ... one good thing bout the luke was the brushed metal finish that didnt show up fingerprints, the metal on this vader is a nightmare to keep smudge free - but the effect it gives when it is clean and shiney is lovely!

I think i like the sound of thei saber best out of the luke, yoda and this vader - I assume the jedi luke and yoda is the same sound anyway - but the darker, bassier more grumpling tone of this vader better suits the little speaker in the ffx I think...

the blade feels more sturdy into the hilt than on the luke , not fancy hilt ring to squeek at and give the impression of flimsyness like in the luke saber.

also more screws and finger screws to give the impression of a more technical saber on this vaber.

I love little details like the way the speaker plastic sticks out the bottom of the saber, rather than being hidden under an end cap.

of my 3 saber I found the switch on this one the be the worse - in terms of accidental switch off.

while the sabers heavy and means spinning is not as easy as it is with the luke anh, I found the weight helps keep the saber in your hand - with the luke it feels sometimes likes you could flick it out of your hands too easily and drop it.

nice deep red blade colour when lit, I dont think the sounds are as responsive and not sure but I think there are less sounds in use? but that dont bother me really.

love it !

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Re: My vader review!
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2008, 03:21:11 AM »
I too just bought this saber. I have the ESB version which I  is great...but this one seems to have slightly louder sounds and a brighter blade. Top notch saber in my books. Good review.