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Title: Korbanth MPP 2.0
Post by: Cimmerian on July 01, 2022, 05:34:22 PM

Finally finished my Korbanth MPP 2.0 w/ Proffie 1.5 purchased several years ago.
At the time having finished my Graflex 2.0 I made a decision to go 'full Jedi' and make my own soundboard and chassis, with the foolish intention of saving money on expensive sound cards (I burned a CF 7.5 at the time ) and Chassis from Shapeways.

So for the past few years I have delved into CAD , 3d printing electronics and programming almost obsessively on this bloody project. I got a prototype soundboard running on a breadboard with CF7 equivalent specs (based on the same hw). Made all my own drivers, everything but got burned out. Then Proffie and CFX came along and there was little point trying to keep up.

On the 3d side I leaned FreeCad, got fed up with it along the way due to slow refreshes when you have lots of variables. Eventually I settled on OpenSCAD as I liked the text based nature of 'coding' your models.
Worked on the Chassis on and off for a few years as I got burned out by that too. Eventually this year I vowed to finish it off!

What started as a 'I can do that!' and thinking I would save money eventually led me down a rabbit hole of buying 3 3d printers 2 FDM / 1 Resin , Rigol Oscilloscope, programmers , logic analysers countless hours learning all this xxx and learning openscad / c etc eventually. I wished I had just forked out the money and I would have had my nice sabers in hand long ago and moved on to other fun projects lol.  So props to Erv, Frederik, goth3d, shtok and all the other craftspeople - it takes a lot of dedication and skill to build this stuff. Maybe Ill resurrect my code someday just to complete the 'challenge' for myself.

Anyway here's my MPP and Chassis I designed and printed all at home. Im no designer but I like how it turned out. I tried to make the chassis have an OT / Vader feel hence the TIE markings and death star panels. Not too busy, just utilitarian looking. Heavy influence from slothfurnace's wonderful MPP . I liked the idea of the imperial insignia as I imagined that part as an imperial-supplied power source Vader had commissioned. Hope you like it!



Title: Re: Korbanth MPP 2.0
Post by: Scorpion on July 09, 2022, 10:06:43 AM
looks awesome great job,
at least you learned alot along the way...
Title: Re: Korbanth MPP 2.0
Post by: scott on September 19, 2022, 04:49:53 PM
Nice job!