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Title: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on August 02, 2011, 11:56:15 AM

Who is CCS?
My name is Austin, and have been an fan of all things Star Wars and Sci-fi for as long as I can remember. I started building custom LED-sabers back in 2008 due to a need for a durable, yet bright solution to the generic sabers sold at various retail stores.

As I began to build custom sabers, I began to receive requests from family, friends, and eventually various clients from the online forum of FXsabers.com. Though the intent was never to turn custom saber building into a business, the rewards and joy of working with others to fufill their saber dreams led me to officially launch “Calvary Custom sabers” in August of 2011.

Through this name CCS will offer quality services, excellent communication, and customer service like no other. My goal is to build a custom saber designed and built exclusively  for you to own, cherish, and treasure for years to come.

Because at Calvary Custom Sabers, you get “More than Just a Saber.”

Services offered
CCS is proud to offer the following services. CCS reserves the right to change any and all services and prices at any time. If you have any questions about the below offered services, or want to submit a design for a quote, you can PM me OR shoot me an Email to; calvarycustomsabers@gmail.com All Emails will be responded to within 2-3 business days.

Upgrades, Repairs, and Installs
Upgrades and Installs are a great way to refresh an existing saber with the newest market electronics, or give life to an empty hilt.
Due to the current state of my shop, all requested installs and upgrades must have extremely limited to no need for hilt modification. Upgrades can include replacements of Soundboards, LEDs, battery packs, etc. Due to the uniqueness of each hilt to upgrade, repair, or install, I charge a $25 an hour shop Rate. This fee does not include the cost of components or parts needed to modify your hilt. All misc. costs such as wire, solder, tools, etc are included in the Shop Rate.

Also falling into this category are all your various wiring needs. Buy that awesome Crystal Focus but are to afraid to wire it up? Need a LED wired in a certain configuration? I can provide those services for the same shop rate as above. Anything you need wired in regards to your saber I am ready and willing to do. With flexible shipping options, color coded wires, and quick turnaround times we can work together to turn your wiring nightmares into a dream come true. ;)

This common service adds a coloring on your hilt that is much stronger and lasting than a standard paint job. I can remove old Powdercoating as well. PM for exact quotes- prices vary on labor, color, and complexity.

Acid Etching
This is a very time intensive and complex method of removing small amounts of material from the hilt to create recessed/etched designs. A $100 Labor fee will apply for this service plus materials. Aluminum etching only at this time.

Gilding (Gold Leaf)
This is something I have experimented with with excellent results. Using imitation or genuine Gold leaf, I can gild certain parts of your hilt for a true gold look. Not as durable as powder coating, but due to the clear finish I apply, it is more durable than paint. $75 Labor fee per sheet of Genuine Gold leaf needed to be used for this service plus materials. $40 Labor fee for imitation Gold Leaf plus materials

If you have a hilt that is in need of an upgrade, repair, install, etching, or Gilding just email me (Austin@calvarycustomsabers.com) and I will let you know whether or not I can help you out. No job is to small to be considered.

7-Segment SMD LED-Bargraphs
LEDbargraphs are becoming a fast standard in and Crystal Focus powered saber. All bar-graphs are hand soldered onto a custom manufactured PCB.
- Dimensions of each PCB is 1.1" in Length and .33" in width. Holes are currently setup for a 6-32 tap.
- Available Colors include: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Yellow, White, and UV. UV is purple, but not very bright.
- Solid color 7 segment Bargraph is: $15
- Multi Color 7 segment Bargraph is: $20
- Add resistors for CF or battery source: +$5
- Shipping is $3 via first class mail anywhere in the US.
- For more information, check out the main thread: Here (http://www.fx-sabers.com/forum/index.php?topic=37763.0)

my e-mail is Austin@calvarycustomsabers.com Sending me a PM is also a great way to reach me.

Curious about how I have served other customers in the past? Check out my feedback thread here; Feedback for Sollus Vir (http://www.fx-sabers.com/forum/index.php?topic=28440.0)

Calvary Custom Sabers is also on YouTube! Check out the Channel for recent Lightsaber builds and customs. Calvary Custom Sabers - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/SollusVir?feature=mhee#p/a)

Below are the Calvary Custom Sabers Terms and conditions. You must agree to and follow these conditions before any work is done on your saber or service. CCS reserves the right to terminate any Saber project or service if Term and conditions are not followed.

Terms of Service
- A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required prior to the start of all projects.
- A cost for labor will be added at the end of each Custom LED-Saber Commission. (Based upon the time required to build your LED-Saber)
- A 90 day limited warranty is included with all Saber Builds and services.
- No Saber or Completed service will ship until Payment is made in full by the Client.
- If the client is unable or unwilling to make payment in full upon completion of any service or saber, the service or saber as a whole becomes the sole property of Calvary Custom Sabers.
- All Pictures, video, or any other media taken of your saber or service by Calvary Custom Sabers remains the sole property of Calvary Custom Sabers even after completion of build or Service, unless written permission is given by CCS.

Other Possible Fees
- Shipping and Handling: This includes ordered parts, and to your home (if needed) (Insurance will be added to every item shipped unless otherwise specified).
- Late Change: Let’s say you want to change your design in mid construction. No problem! However, you will still have to pay for parts I have already ordered, and I will retain those parts as compensation for the time involved.
- Design Consultation Fee: When inquiring about a specific saber, the initial design and process is free, as it should be. However, any changes of design after paying a 50% deposit are subject to a $50 Design and Consultation Fee. So, every time you submit a new render for consideration after paying the 50% deposit, a $50 fee will be added to your invoice. This will be used at Calvary Custom Sabers’ discretion.
- Concept Change Fee: If you desire to change an existing quoted design after after paying the 50% deposit, a $25 Concept Change Fee per change. This includes LED/Blade color changes, soundboard changes, Crystal Chamber setups, shroud changes, etc). Basically anything which dramatically alters build time an construction. This will be used at Calvary Custom Sabers’ discretion.


Calvary Custom Sabers’ Limited Warranty
Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship for the Product for a period of 90 days from the original date of Receipt* from Calvary Custom Sabers. It is my utmost intention that you are happy with your custom saber.  Please contact me with ANY issues before the end of the 90 day period, I will be more than happy to help you.

***I offer a 90 day warranty repair on my work from the day you receive it. Anything after that is subject to a repair fee***

 This limited Warranty does not cover any damage due to

1. Accident, Misuse or Abuse, Negligence, Improper Handling, or modifications of this Product in any way.
2. Improper operation or maintenance of this Product.
3.  Attempted repair by any party other than Calvary Custom Sabers. This Limited Warranty does not apply where it is determined by Calvary Custom Sabers that there is no fault with the Product itself.

Repairs not covered by the Limited Warranty may, at Calvary Custom Sabers’ discretion, be carried out at the owner’s expense. You, the customer, are responsible for the cost of returning the Product to and return shipping from Calvary Custom Sabers. Electronics including, soundboards, batteries, and LEDs are not warranted by me.

Warranty is non-transferable.

***I am not responsible in any way for Soundboard failures, blown speakers, or over driven LEDS. ***
***I am not responsible in any way for injuries received while handling, or dueling with the saber. ***
***Neither affiliated nor endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd., FX Sabers, or Ultrasabers LLC. ***
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on August 02, 2011, 11:56:55 AM
In Order to keep all build logs synced up and accurate, please refer to my site's build log for all information on build slots available, statuses, etc. I Operate in 3 Month Cycles. Below is my availability.

Build Log (http://www.calvarycustomsabers.com/build-log/)
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on December 16, 2011, 09:44:13 AM
Past Work (http://www.calvarycustomsabers.com/gallery/)

Finished Projects; These are Sabers and services I have done in the past….
 John M. (Email); Full MHS Custom. Saber has been received.
Samantha M. (email); Full MHS Custom. Saber has been received.
Broto Kropot (FX sabers); OWK1 Conversion. Saber has been received.
zukuto skykiller (FX Sabers); PC Install. Saber has been received.
Soma Kurusu (FXsabers); 2002 Anakin ATOC conversion w/ Petit Crouton™. Saber has been received.
Pazda Alhou (FxSabers); Custom Parks conversion w/ Petit Crouton™. Saber has been recieved.
Luis88 (fxsabers); OWK1 Korbanth Conversion with MR sound. Saber has been received.
Monis Sev (FxSabers): MR mace windu conversion with RGB LED setup. Saber Has been received.
Johnathan C. (E-mail): PVC Custom with RGB Yellow blade. Saber has been received
TheNight (FXsabers): LEDenigne 10W wire LEDs in Series with quick connects. LEDs have been received.
scalelokt (FX-sabers): Full MHS Ancient Sith weathered Custom with Crystal Focus 5.10™ and Crystal Chamber. Finished. Paid in Full. Saber has been received.
Dan R. (E-mail): RGB Mace Windu Conversion. Paid in full. Saber has been received.
bobofett (FXsabers): Full MHS Weathered Sith Stunt Custom. Paid in Full. Saber has been received.
Mithras (FXsabers): Kit Fisto FX Conversion with Green P4. Paid in Full. Saber has been received.
blackluc (Fxsabers): Full MHS Custom with Petit Crouton™ v1.6, DRRRR LEDenigine with FOC and custom overlay. Saber complete and paid in Full. Shipping 18/June/2012. Saber has been received.
Sean K. (Website): Mace Windu conversion with Petit Crouton v 1.6™, Purple RGBA LEDengine 10W w/ Amber FOC. Complete. Saber has been received.
John A. (Website): VV Starkiller Battery Swap. PAID in full. Shipping this weekend. Saber has been recieved.
John A. (Website): Parks Shadow CF 5.10 Conversion with RGBA LEDengine LED for Purple main blade. Deposit paid. Parts in Hand. In construction. 100% Done. Paid in Full 12-10-12. Shipped Monday 12-17-12.
SgtBatten (FXsabers): Two (2) LS6 conversions with Petit crouton™ v2.0. RGGB LEDengine 10W w/ Red FOC. Finished. Awaiting Final Payment via sale of saber. Paid in Full. Shipped.
Melvin T.: KOTOR/MHS Custom Petit Crouton Swap. Parts on the Bench. Done. Paid in Full. Shipping 2-12-2013. Shipped. Received. Feedback left on FXsabers.
Johannes H. : Full MHS Custom with Petit Crouton™ v2.0, Sky Blue LEDengine 10W RGBA, custom overlays, and custom box. Deposit Paid. All Parts on their way, most already delivered. 80% complete. Powdercoating and assembly this week. Electronics install the next. Waiting on replacement cells. Done. Paid in full. Shipping 2-12-2013. Shipped. Saber Has been received.
Eric V. : MHS Starkiller Custom. BBW&RRG LEDs, CF5.10, FOC, Swappable Batteries. Parts arrived. In Construction. Complete. Invoice Sent. Paid in full. REFUND ISSUED- TRANSACTION CANCELED.
Brian B. : Anakin AOTC Petit Crouton Conversion with Sky Blue RGGB LEDengine and Amber FOC. Deposit paid. Parts arrived.  In construction. Shooting for an end of April Completion date. Chassis Disks received  Working on Final Assembly. Paid in Full. Shipped and recieved.
Kyle W. : Full MHS Custom Stunt. Leather wrapped hilt, light Raxus weathering, and Green Seoul P4 LED. Deposit Paid. Parts ordered. Parts Received. Done. Paid in Full. Shipped and Recieved.
Mace Windu (Nightstorm) : A set of Korbanth DM1s to be converted with PC 2.0s, Rebel RRW LED, Accent LEDs, and more. Reservation Fee Paid.- Transferred.
Brian M. : Full MHS Petit Crouton V2 Custom. Raxus weathering, RRB Tri-Rebel, Rezblade as feature font. Parts ordered. Parts Received. Complete. Paid in Full. Shipped.
Chris D. : CF 3.1 Install into LDM’s Tacticus Saber. LEDengine 5W Deep Red. Deposit Paid. Parts Ordered. Saber Arrived. Upgrading to CF5.10 from CF3.1. Board received. Complete.
Dak Ralter : OWK1 TPM Korbanth conversion w/ CF 5.10 and RRW Tri-Rebel. Changing Color scheme to a Dark Obi. Deposit Paid. CF Received. Complete
Brian W. : Anakin AOTC Petit Crouton Conversion with Seoul P4 Blue. No FOC or Reveal Chassis. Deposit Paid. Complete
Celso I. : Korbanth “Luminar” Conversion w/ PC 2.0  (Free upgrade to V3), GGW LED w/ White FOC. Deposit Paid. In construction. Complete.
Rae-Ezell T. : Full MHS Petit Courton V2 (Free upgrade to V3) MHS custom. Bronze/Black Powdercoating, BBW Tri-Cree. Parts Received. Complete.
Brendon F. : Revan Inspired MHS Custom. Nano Biscotte V1 (Free upgrade to V2) w/ Red P4. 50% Deposit Paid. All Parts received. Install to Be completed By Jan 31st. Complete.
Adam E.- NBv2 Install on MHS Hilt, Powdercoating Satin Black. Deposit Paid. Complete.
Daryl W. -  Hasbro FX Luke ROTJ PRIZM Converson. Deposit Paid. Saber and Parts Pending
Adam E.- Custom Saber Repair W/ Crystal Chamber. Paid in Full. Complete.
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on November 20, 2012, 01:44:14 PM
Got a few updates you folks. First, the build log is full. I am still taking orders for the wait list, but be aware there will be extended wait times once on the list.

Next, I added some services, removed others, added some bargraph information... Basically I am streamlining my offered services to incorporate things I want to work on, yet are still in demand. If you have any questions about that, just shoot me a PM.

Finally, Calvary Custom Sabers is now on Google+!

If you have G+, add me to your circles, share it with your friends, and of course, give it the +1!  :D I'll be posting new sabers, news updates, eventual fun giveaways... all over there. Check it out.  8)
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on May 18, 2014, 01:55:43 PM
A lot has been changing the past few months, and finally have some things figured out in terms of how I will be able to continue serving you all here on FX-Sabers.com

Essentially folks, my career has called me to move up North and downsize into a studio Apartment. While this is an exciting new step in my life journey, it does make me change me lifestyle quite a bit, including how I approach sabersmithing. So, after some consulting with some more experience smiths here, I will be offering limited services that require only basic Drilling, yet retain the full line of my wiring, and upgrade services. I have changed my available services to reflect this.

I will be reopening my log afresh this November 1st. I will be taking on limited projects at a time, so I can provide a turnaround time within a month or less. More information regarding this once I do in fact reopen the log.

Just wanted you all to know what was going on. Thanks for your inquiries and your support, and if you have any further questions, you know how to reach me.
(If you don't know... just PM me. That's how to reach me. ;) )
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on September 17, 2014, 10:05:10 AM
Hello All,

Just wanted to let everyone know that my entire shop will be CLOSED for the next two weeks. I will ship out the remaining items I need to on Monday, and after that will be unable to ship or complete any projects... as everything will be in boxes in a truck.

After I get settled and get everything set back up in my new place, I will post here to let everyone know.

I will also not be on my computer much at all, so the best way to reach me is via PM here on FX sabers. :)
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on October 02, 2014, 02:44:09 PM
Just keeping you all updated in regards to the transition. I finally found a place to settle, but it will be available only after November 9th. I move in that day, and will be unpacking November 10th. Thanks for your continued patience and I will be unable to ship/sell/work on anything until then.
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on November 03, 2014, 10:14:34 AM
I feel like this is a grand reopening of my business. In some ways it is. ;)

Finally have everything setup, unpacked, and am now good to go for business. Much smaller space though- here is my setup:

So, I'll get to all PMs I am behind on tomorrow, and look forward to serving you all again!
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: Justintmars on November 03, 2014, 11:01:39 AM
Great news!
Congrats on the work space, looks so nice and Tidy =D
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: EXAR KUN on November 03, 2014, 02:23:23 PM
A week early! Nice. Congrats on the new space
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: Zark_T on November 06, 2014, 09:04:38 PM
Message sent
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: Trisha on November 17, 2014, 10:37:54 AM
message sent
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on January 11, 2015, 02:39:38 PM
Happy New Year's FX!

Just wanted to let you all know that I updated some prices for the 2015 Year, and will have a completely open Log Come February 1st due to some updates and finished builds. While I no longer do customs as of right now, I am happy to take on any upgrades/Instals you may have.

Best Wishes with Resolutions and Sabering this year. In the Words of Zig Ziglar-
"Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your life."

Let's make this first day and the rest some of the best ever.  8)

Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on October 26, 2015, 07:02:43 AM
The time has come for me to pack up all of my shop, and officially close up shop until further notice. For those of you who don't know, I am in an intensive training process with my career. The next step of this process is to live on the road in hotels for the next two-three years. As such, I will be unable to work on or build lightsabers in any way shape of form.

But don't worry, i'm not leaving the forum or going to become detached from this community. Just on a few years hiatus until I can get a new shop established in a new home in a new place, where I will be set for a long long time. ;)

I know I do this overtime, but thanks so much for everything you all have done to help not only make me a better Saber Builder, but also supporting me in turning this Hobby-turned-Business to be something remarkable and among my greatest achievements.

Until 2018.... Lord willing. ;)

Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: Wildcard on October 26, 2015, 09:13:45 AM
Wishing you the best of luck with your new career opportunities. I hope that all that traveling agrees with your lifestyle, and that you are ultimately able to settle down afterward, (to jump back into the hobby with renewed energy and inspirations of course!) ;)
Title: Re: Calvary Custom Sabers: Services & Build Log
Post by: Starwinder on October 26, 2015, 11:12:46 AM
Wishing you the best as you start your new career, Austin!