Author Topic: Anyone than can convert a MR AOTC Anakin? (first time buyer)  (Read 2314 times)

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Hi, I just acquired a new mobo 2002 Anakin Skywalker Attack of the Clones saber and I'm looking for someone willing to make the conversion from the original led to a tri cree blue one with removable blade combined with the original sounds.

The idea is to keep the original board intact and allow the new blade to be removed easily.

The conversion doesn't need to include blade, plug or anything, but also tell me if any modifications are necessary to fit Vader's Vault standard blades and plugs.

I live in Florida and I've paypal for payment.
Please PM me an estimated budget including shipping, and time of completion. If you have a site or portfolio of previous works I can check, I'll love to see them.

This is a first buy for me so feel free to correct any conceptual mistakes I may have about conversions and such.

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Re: Anyone than can convert a MR AOTC Anakin? (first time buyer)
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I'm wondering the same thing. Did you ever get help with this???