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Juansith´s Desert Slayer Font
« on: August 12, 2017, 05:20:38 PM »
Hey all.
Again me, showing you my next new Font.
DESERT SLAYER... An Anakin ep2 Font.

I wanted to make this one a while ago but couldn´t find a way to clean the saber samples from all the music and other sound fx that were over the swings and clashes. Fortunately after a lot of cleaning i managed to save much of all the sounds of Anakin´s saber. Also, Anakin´s swings are special because they are very bassy so i had to carefully work them in order to preserve the bass but avoiding any distortion coming from our beloved saber speakers.

Here´s the Demo:


This one will soon be available... where else but at Welcome to SaberFont - "Without sound, it's just a glowstick."

Hope you like it, talk to you soon.