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Re: Relieve your stress and VENT thread
« Reply #1785 on: October 19, 2013, 03:54:59 PM »
ANH: Obi, Luke,Vader real parts
ESB: Luke,Vader real parts
ROTJ Luke HERO,V2,Stunt custom made,Vader 90%
EP1 visual dictionary Praco Yoda real parts x2
King Sol coin edge bottom/Heiland ESB Vader
Custom rep Obi real clamp modern armatage HW
Han ESB DL-44 denix rep real greebs no scope
Parks graflex nickel crystal chassis CFLS6 Mokoto V3+blade
Parks Vader hyper set up
Vintage graflex hyper set up
Prodigal son re milled CF4.7 lux 5
Vintage graflex ESB Plasma argon w/murcury
Vintage mpp Plasma neon

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Parts out of stock vent
« Reply #1786 on: May 07, 2015, 01:28:06 PM »
I didn't want to start my own vent thread, so I hope the Mods don't mind me posting here!  :)

My girlfriend and i plan on getting our own apartment when we move away for college ( we are both 21 and live at our parents homes). So I got a second job and for the last 4 months have been working non stop, about 65 hours a week. I now have enough money saved up for my "just in case fun" as well as all the money needed for rent and food and everything else. Needless to say its stressful and exhausting.

My Birthday is coming up next month and I have extra money; for all my hard work I decided I wanted my Dream lightsaber. A MHS based luke v2 with FOC, a petit crouton, and the new bright crees.

My girlfriend gave me the okay ;) , and I sent the parts I had to one of our esteemed sabersmiths. After a few emails and phone calls everything was ready, the only part missing was the Ribbed choke extension piece, my checkout on my phone was not working this morning, and I ended up getting stuck an hour late at work due to how busy and crazy everything was.

I rushed home, got on my computer and there was 1 piece left in stock, I quickly entered all my information, hit check out and the order did not go through because the piece was out of stock!  >:( ??? :blank: :o ::) :(

Of course life happens, but actually having the last piece in your cart and then getting beat to it makes a bad day worse, and naturally of course my saber is going on hold until the part gets back in stock which for all I know could be weeks or months, especially since they are closing down for 2 weeks.

Thanks for listening to my rant, typing it all out actually calmed me down a bit, hopefully the stock gets back soon.
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