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NYC Dueling Club Announcement!
« on: July 31, 2016, 11:08:13 AM »
Are you in the NYC/NJ Area? Interested in lightsaber style combat backed up with real martial arts?

Big Announcement from the Local Saber Legion Lightsaber fight club NYC Charter!

As of August, The saber legion-New York will be partnering with Sword Class NYC ( to bring armored Lightsaber Combat training and sparring to New York City!

The Saber Legion will be hosting regular meets on a bi-weekly basis (some exceptions apply) in the fully equipped training facility at Sword Class NYC! We will have access to training weapons if needed as well as basic sparring gear to utilize at our meets. This is an amazing opportunity for us as a group to be able to not only train in this facility on a regular basis in lightsaber combat, but also as myself and several others in the group are already doing.. train in traditional sword disciplines and apply them to our sport of Lightsaber Combat!

HUGE thank you to Raab Rashi, the owner of Sword class NYC for allowing us to do this! He is a true Jedi if there ever was one!

Sword Class NYC's training facility is located on 125th ST, About two blocks from the 4,5, and 6 train stops, about two blocks from the2 and 3 and a walk-able (10 to 15 minute) distance from the A,B, C and D (Cross town bus is available as well from that station) and is literally 15 minutes from midtown.

The first meet will be scheduled for Sunday August 28th and a FB event for this will be created in the next few days!!

Date: Sunday- August 28th, 2016
Time: 4PM-5:30PM
Location: Sword Class NYC (
Cost: $10 per person to cover the space rental (paid directly to SCNYC at the dojo)



We're also hosting a Central Park meet up earlier in the month! (You might need to join up the NYC Group as listed at the top of the post to be able to see this event)

**IMPORTANT** We have moved on to LEVEL 2 DUELING. What this means is you HAVE TO HAVE a FENCING/HEMA MASK AND HAND PROTECTION in the form of LACROSSE GLOVES OR SIMILAR. Without this level of protection, for your safety you won't be able to duel.

At the moment we don't have extra gear for our outdoor park meets. This may change in the future. While you might be able to borrow a persons gloves, theres no chance it'll fit you. And I don't think you want our personal sweaty helmets on your face lol.

Luckily the gear is reasonably cheap. You can pick up a hema level fencing mask for around $50 to $60

 Absolute Force HEMA Basic Fencing Mask

And gloves for around $20 to $30 : Maverik Lacrosse Charger Glove : Sports & Outdoors

If you can't meet these requirements wait for the class at the end of the month where gear will be available to borrow!